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Jackets ski suit waterproof clothing adhesive processing equipment Yajiao

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This machine is through pressure glue machine (hot air seam sealing machine) for heat sealing tape (waterproof pressure strip) heating (heating), using roller continuous operation pressure, the heat sealing tape (waterproof pressure strip) perfectly fusing in raincoats, tents, car hood, ski suit, mountaineering wear, waterproof suits, jackets, ski-wear, down jacket, reflective clothing, labor insurance products such as inside a needle and thread, so as to achieve sealing purpose and effect of the waterproof.


1: power, voltage, AC 220 v 50 h


2: rated power: 3000 w


3: thermal control: no adjustable 0-700 ℃.


4: speed: standard 1 ~ 18 m/min


5: no period of variable speed compressed air: 0.35 ~ 0.5 Mpa


6: up and down roller width: 30 mm steel wheel standard


7: width can be free to choose other gun nozzle diameter width: standard


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