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Mechanical industrial added value increased in the first half of 11.2%

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Machinery industry in China in the first half of the main economic benefit indicators completion is good, in China machinery industry federation monthly statistics of 64 kinds of products, year-on-year growth in the first half of the total of 44 species, 68.8% report all varieties of products.
Since this year, the industry development of the external environment is still tight, such as weak market demand, industry under the condition of downward pressure is bigger, mechanical industry running show "into" good momentum. Statistics show that, although in the first half of the mechanical industry industrial output growth trends to back slightly, but fallen narrowing continuously, the growth is also higher than the same period last year level. The first six months, the total import and export amount of $347.598 billion, up 8.87% from a year earlier, realized total import and export trade surplus of $35.824 billion. meanwhile

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