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     HONGTENG Machinery and Electric Co. Ltd. is a professional garment machinery and seam tape manufacturer majoring in innovating, producing, marketing, and servicing. Our brand “HONGTENG” machine include Hot air seam sealing machine, Waterproof zipper machine, Seamless sealing machine, Hydraulic pressure testing machine, Laser cutting engraving machine, Ultrasonic sealing machine, Waterproof seam tape etc. Widely used in producing raincoats, rain capes, field shirt and pants, climbing wear, down coats, sports wear, tents, waterproof shoes, waterproof bags, car covers, boat covers, medical non-woven protective clothes and so on.
     We are strong in technology and reliable in quality, and have cultivated an outstanding R& D , management, marketing and service team. Rich experience in technical design and manufacturing, we will committing to provide the customers more high-quality products and good services. Strive to open up a broader international sales network, become a modern enterprise based on the international market.

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