What is the reason why the mold of Jiangmen ultrasonic machine is easy to crack

2022-06-22 280

The simple crack of ultrasonic mold is mainly caused by two major aspects!

I: the planning of the ultrasonic mold is unreasonable, the manufacturing cannot be precise, and the frequency has not reached a good frequency during frequency trimming, so the ultrasonic energy has not been fully released during the application process, and most of it remains in the ultrasonic mold. Overnight, the mold will show poor welding, mold heating, and then the mold will show cracks, To solve this problem, it is necessary to select a professional manufacturer of ultrasonic welding machine to make the ultrasonic mold. The experience accounts for more than half of the success or failure. Then, whether the master has made the mold according to the plan and whether there is a repeated repair frequency to make the mold reach a good state.


II. In terms of material selection for ultrasonic molds, generally, three common materials are used for ultrasonic mold making: steel, magnesium aluminum alloy and titanium alloy. There are great differences in magnesium aluminum alloy. Generally, imported 7075 aluminum alloy is used for making ultrasonic molds, which has good damage resistance, corrosion resistance, good mechanical performance and slightly higher hardness than other aluminum alloys. It is a good material selection for ultrasonic molds and relatively high price, It is generally applied to aircraft structural parts. Secondly, 6061 has small density and excellent corrosion resistance. It has excellent mechanical properties and cleavability at room temperature. Steel molds and titanium alloy molds are mostly simple molds. Because they are hard and difficult to cut, they are generally used to make relatively flat molds. In these three materials, titanium alloy has a long service life, almost no cracks, and the price is among the three.

The above two points are the main reasons for the formation of ultrasonic mold cracks, one of which is the main culprit. If you plan to make ultrasonic molds, as long as you don't haggle over the price, I believe that manufacturers will not choose those materials with poor performance to make molds.

Source: Jiangmen ultrasonic machine www.jmhtjd. com. cn