Automatic cutting of Jiangmen strip pasting machine before use

2022-06-22 258

The belt slitting machine is an important part of the pre-treatment. The active cutting machine is used for inspection and filling with lubricating oil; After disassembling and inspecting the active cutting machine, prevent the use of inappropriate things and unscientific operation methods, and conduct a deep cleaning and inspection of the machine every two weeks; The active cutting machine will be stopped for a long time. All bright surfaces will be wiped clean. If necessary, it will be coated with anti rust oil and plastic cover, which will cover the whole machine. If the active cutting machine is suspended for more than 3 months, it shall be covered with moisture-proof and rust proof paper; After the operation is completed, carefully clean the equipment, wipe the surface against the leakage, and fill the lubricating oil.


The tape Slitter stops the regular and irregular inspection of the rolling part (especially the fragile stop real-time monitoring). Regular adjustment, frequent change, commutator, specific record, and extension of equipment operation date. Improve the technical quality of cutting machine operators and the degree of operation completion to operate local personnel. No one is allowed to operate without permission.

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