Technological advantages of Jiangmen ultrasonic plastic welding

2022-06-22 275

Technological advantages of ultrasonic plastic welding

The operation of ultrasonic welding machine principle is a fast, energy-saving and power-saving welding process, especially in the operation of thermoplastic parts and the composition of other workpieces. Now the principle of ultrasonic welding machine is widely used in the composition of plastic products and plastic raw materials, metal parts and metal raw materials, as well as other raw materials, industries and process operations.

It is superior to the old-fashioned solvent fusion operation, flux welding, adhesive bonding and other welding aid and fusion process skills. It not only has the advantage of saving, but also has no operation pollution due to the advanced ultrasonic principle skills. Then the welding operation function is comparable with the raw materials. The welding quality is solid, the welding operation appearance is beautiful, and the sealing effect of the welding operation is incomparable with the old-fashioned process.


In recent years, with the rapid development of the plastic industry, various plastic products have been widely used in aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, electronics, toys and other industrial areas, and have achieved remarkable results and economic benefits. However, due to the limitations of injection molding process and other factors A proper part of plastic products with complex shapes cannot be molded at one time, which requires bonding. However, the plastic bonding and heat sealing process that has been followed for many years is appropriately stale. This stale process not only has low power, but also makes operators deal with pungent adhesives or high-temperature heat sources all day, and then causes a series of problems such as environmental pollution and labor protection; In addition, during the bonding of plastic parts There is sagging of adhesive at the joint Cause the finished product to lose brightness and beauty; What is particularly serious is that This kind of bonding method has poor bonding fastness and poor sealing performance It is not advisable to bond containers that are subject to pressure.

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